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Mirtech Technology Solution provides IT Solutions to its clients, We are a Web-based service provider where we priority focus on Digital Marketing. Besides that, we also have introduced in One Umbrella for Various Services of Information Technology.?

?About Us

We gladly introduce ourselves as one of the most leading organization that provide expertise solutions
in digital marketing field. Being headquartered in Hyderabad, our digital marketing agency heartily
welcomes all the smart clients who understand the flow of time and act accordingly. In the present era,
digitalization is becoming the best way to expand and express any thought, view, event, etc. globally.
And it is also paving a smart path to the businesses. Whether personal or professional, Internet is
playing a crucial role in our life. With the growing needs and demands, several small businesses or
start-ups or ventures are emerging gradually increasing competition in every sector.
However, it becomes hectic and harassing when it comes to management. If the management is not
effective, business may initially fall. It is difficult to run a business all alone, especially for start ups and
small ventures, it’s a hard nut to crack. Employing traditional methods can consume a huge amount of
investment without any guarantee of fetching the desired productivity. When it comes to setup a digital
marketing agency of your own, it will also gobble unnecessary exhaustion of money on its management.
We provide one stop solutions to all the problems related to the digital marketing and digital
promotional activities. Our agency consists of expert professional team that remains available for 24
hours to offer the best possible services. The tools and software involved in the process of propagation
and management of the client’s site are advanced and exclusively excellent. Our customer friendly team
are well versed in interaction and communication and thus, provide satisfactory customer service on
your behalf. Mirtechs believes in applying effective modern methodologies and technologies to bring
the desired consequences of the client.


Our mission

Our mission is to produce tailored – fit solutions to boost the clients’ businesses through the digitally drag innovative services having greater economic progress along with human development. We aim to render the best possible services required to uplift the client’s stability and credibility.?

Our vision

Our vision is to create a huge technological and marketing revolution in the businesses globally by providing the finest website management services. We are passionate about resolving the various complicated issues arising in the path of the smooth running of the business giving continuous growth and profit.?

Our goal

Our primary goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by asking for their own inputs, views and feedbacks at every step and reverting with the positive feedforward and providing the best possible services we can. Apart from that, we also want to provide a bona-fide digital platform to the businesses by opening the path of easy interaction worldwide.?

Our Awesome Team

Mir Siddiq Ali

Mir Siddiq Ali

Founder & CEO




App Developer

Zeenath Khan

Zeenath Khan

Graphic Designer

Mohsin Ansari

Mohsin Ansari

Digital Marketing Head

Ahmed Bin Mahmood

Ahmed Bin Mahmood


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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

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Web Development

Email Marketing

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